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Applications & Prices


caressing and kneading, carefully executed and tailored to your needs and comfort.  Allow yourself to experience a new form of deep relaxation of your body and soul.

60 minutes 45 Euro

75 minutes 55 Euro

90 minutes 60 Euro

Partial-Body Massage

specific area massages allow for the right amount of revitalizing and relaxation.  Loosen your individual cramps through focused treatments.

30 minutes 27 Euro

45 minutes 35 Euro

60 minutes 45 Euro

Aroma Oil Massage

allow yourself to be pampered with the fragrances of aroma oils. Dive in and switch off.

Specialized oils tailored to your individual needs, work naturally to relax and revitalize.

30 minutes 27 Euro

45 minutes 40 Euro

60 minutes 50 Euro

90 minutes 65 Euro

Sports-Deep Tissue Massage

through targeted rubbing and kneading, your muscles will be warmed and energized.  Afterwards, you are ready for your personal sports program without fear of the often followed muscle cramps.

30 minutes 35 Euro

45 minutes 42 Euro

60 minutes 55 Euro

90 minutes 65 Euro

Foot reflexology massage

Who can resist this type of massage? Through practiced grasps , the different areas of the feet are treated, to relieve tension in the whole body. Experience your bodies energy to its fullest

50 minutes 40 Euro

Foot reflexology massage, plus partial body massage

Leave the tension in your body, and the winter blues behind, like an old pair of shoes. Let the energy flow through your body again. With the foot reflexology and body massage you can release individual tensions in your body. 

45 minutes foot reflexology

+ 45 minutes body massage  60 Euro

Massage according to Breuss

is a gentle and and fulfilling spinal treatment, whereby the undernourished spinal discs can be regenerated through careful straining and stretching. It's an excellent method to release blockages, as well as loosening strained muscles'

30 minutes 25 Euro

Mobile Massage

Grant yourself a special outcome and book your personal massage in the comfort of your own home.  This wellness time belongs completely to you, without the stress of arriving and departing.  I will gladly visit you at your home, in the comforts of your own surroundings.

(For arrival and departure, I have taken the liberty to charge a fixed-rate fee of 10 Euro, in addition to the treatment costs).

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