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Takisha Morgan

How nice to see you on my website.

The first step to your journey of relaxation has been made.  From here on out we will take this path together.

After my apprenticeship to become a licensed Practical Nurse, as well as a Sports and Fitness Business Manager, I furthered my development in 2013 and received my degree in Physical Therapy and Company Health Management.

In 2018, I became a licensed Wellness Therapist and in 2019 a licensed Massage Therapist, now have the ability to combine the physical needs of your body’s rehabilitation with your necessary relaxation.

It is my endeavor to pull you out of your daily stressers, if only for the moment of the massage.

Switch off and let yourself go.  Find your way back to inner peace and your center.  Breath and eliminate your worries, fears and stresses.

Completely tailored to your needs, I offer you a unique wellness experience.

Together, we can end your relationship with stress.

I am ready to help.

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